Condition monitoring

Finning condition monitoring

Condition monitoring provides the evidence to allow components to be maintained or replaced based on condition, rather than periodically, and can bring about significant cost savings.

We can compare fluid analysis results with information from various other sources, including engineer reports and live satellite feeds that are transmitted directly from the heart of each machine, giving a complete picture of equipment health.

Analysing information such as fuel consumption, idle and operational time and live diagnostic alerts not only allows us to identify potential mechanical faults, it also highlights areas where operator performance and equipment utilisation can be improved.

Site conditions can make a significant difference to performance and maintenance costs. By analysing machine data, we can work with our customers and recommend solutions to extend the life of components, minimise downtime and optimise overall machine performance.

Historical data can be key to predicting how equipment will perform in the future. By comparing service reports and past maintenance records with current fluid analysis results we are able to put forward recommendations to help prevent any faults reoccurring.

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