Fluid testing and analysis

Finning fluid testing

Ever year we test over hundreds of thousands of fluid samples from all makes and models of machines, employed in mission critical applications across a diverse range of markets.

Carrying out tests on a regular basis and comparing results with historical data enables us to make proactive recommendations, so action can be taken before failure occurs. This not only significantly reduces unscheduled downtime and associated costs, but also minimises the risk of life threatening accidents, and prolongs equipment life, reducing the total cost of ownership.

Our fluid testing and analysis services are tailored to each individual customer’s needs and can include:

Fast response. Real time reporting.

The whole testing and analysis process is very quick and extremely simple.

Customers are provided with a kit so that they can take their own samples. These are then sent to us by post.

Testing takes place same day and the in-depth reports are available online usually next working day.

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