Water Testing


We offer the testing of water to make sure it meets the various requirements of the industry. We offer testing of drinking water and for the presence of legionella.

Finning fuel testing

WTK001 – Legionella Test Kit

Under general health and safety guidance, employers and premises owners have a responsibility to consider the risks of Legionella to the public and take appropriate preventative action. This often includes the monitoring of water systems for the presence of Legionella bacteria. The WTK001 test kit does exactly that - tests for the presence of legionella based on a pass or fail.

WTK002 - Potable (Drinking) Water

Irrespective of the water source, any drinking water should be of 'Potable' quality, meaning fit to drink.

Improperly managed drinking water is an established route for infectious diseases. The Potable Water Test Kit monitors the quality of the drinking water by providing tests for important operational measures and verification tests for bacteria that can be of risk to human health. Our WTK002 test kit enables the customer to verify the drinking water is fit for purpose. The kit makes checking your drinking water quality simple, quick and inexpensive. The result is a simple Pass or Fail.

Courier Services

We operate a dedicated courier service to ensure all samples are delivered to the laboratory within a suitable time frame. Our service offering includes:

  • Fleet of temperature controlled vans
  • Collection and delivery service
  • Nationwide coverage for all required collections and deliveries
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