Thanks for the Red Note report and phone call on the middle axle on one of our articulated dump trucks yesterday lunchtime, the PQI level says it all. The truck was checked today by our engineer, Mark Jones, and the middle diff is failing. The prompt notification of the "Urgent Action" report avoided a potential axle failure, which would have required recovery of the machine back to our workshops and significant collateral damage to the axle housing. Your action has probably saved us some money, and I've let our Finning rep, know this today. Please let the staff in the lab know that some of the customers do appreciate and follow up on recommendations and phone calls.

Tom McDonald, Plant Manager, D Wardle (Plant) Ltd

Early intervention following an oil sample showing coolant contamination, lead to the diagnosis and replacement of a faulty water pump on one of the gas engines. As a result the unit was down for only two hours while the relatively minor repair was carried out. Had the fault be undetected and lead to a full catastrophic failure in service the estimated down time for removal, full overhaul and recommissioning would have been around three weeks with the total cost in excess of £100k (not including lost revenue while the unit was out of use). The use of oil sampling in this instance saved nearly 3 weeks of unscheduled down time and more than £100k.

Martin Ross, Southern Water

We have been using Finning's fluid analysis service on a regular annual basis since acquiring our Caterpillar powered American motorhome nearly 5 years ago.

Due to the low mileage / operating hours of the motorhome, regular fluids analysis allows us to monitor the condition of the many power and drive train fluids as well as those linked to the house / habitation systems.

The investment in regular fluids' analysis provides early warning of either fluid degradation or more importantly cross-contamination, as well as postponing the routine replacement of fluids, with its associated costs, until it is necessary.

The ability to discuss each batch's results with the analyst enables us to schedule additional interim sampling if needed to ensure that the motorhome remains on tour and out of the workshop until its regular planned visits.

Ian & Maggie Smith - American RV motorhome

Finning is our first choice provider of oil sampling. We find oil sampling a major front line preventative maintenance tool and are very pleased with the prompt analysis, the technical back up from Finning and the ability to build graphs and monitor history ourselves. In determining and preventing major failures the oil sample information never lies and by changing wearing components such as seals and bearings early, major failures can be prevented. Whenever we have ignored follow up work to oil sampling we have had failures soon after - a lesson we learnt the hard way.

You have to work hard to ensure correct follow up to oil samples but it is worth it. We have many machines that have run 15,000 to 20,000 hours and above without any major components change outs. Coupled with filtering all fuel and monitoring particle counts, oil and fuel Sampling is essential to our business to maintain our margins and reliability.

I would recommend the service to anyone, having now had many successful years dealing with the Finning fluid analysis laboratory - it really speaks for itself!

Mick Tye, Plant Director, Buckingham Plant Hire Ltd

At East Coast Diesel Limited, we carry out routine servicing for a wide range of engines. The Finning Fluid Analysis Lab has effectively helped us collate our oil, coolant and fuel sampling into one easy to use service. Reports are received via email often within a week of the sample being despatched. The staff at the lab appreciate that some sample reports are required back on an urgent basis and they are always willing to help us with this enhanced service when it is required. Scheduled sampling has significantly help identify problems before engine failure.

Lee Carter, General Manager, East Coast Diesel Limited

We are currently using Finning Fluid Analysis Lab to carry out regular analysis of lubricants and hydraulic oils from our tunnel boring machines and locomotives on contract C305 of the Crossrail Project. The service supplied by Finning is always prompt, and the results are clear and precise. This has enabled us to track the condition of our TBM systems and maintain the productivity of the equipment. Both on this and previous projects Finning have contacted me directly when analysis of samples indicated problems which has prevented significant damage to underground equipment.

Tony Duffy, Foreman Mechanic, DSJV

The company uses a variety of monitoring techniques to ensure that the condition of both the engines, gearboxes and hydraulic systems used in launch and recovery plant are maintained in a satisfactory condition. Systematic Oil Sampling (SOS) provides a window into the engines, gearboxes and hydraulic components allowing the pattern of wear rates to be determined and the correct maintenance to be implemented in a timely manner, which delivers increased reliability and reduced maintenance costs. The company has been working with the Finning Fluid & condition and monitoring team since sampling was first introduced by the Caterpillar engine agents into the UK. With over 25 years’ experience in interpreting the results of the analysis, Finning and Clayton Engineering have built up a level of expertise which enables us to advise our customers on preventative maintenance activities. Read more >

David Gregory, Clayton Engineering Limited

"The Finning Fluid Analysis Lab has been able to tailor the reports to specific to our needs. We have a good working relationship with the team, always helpful & quick to respond. The reports are the clearest format that we have seen, which is why are using them for non-Cat equipment analysis. We have monthly reports that allow us an overview of information that is critical to our operation. We have had two examples of fuel dilution this year that allowed early intervention & investigation, one of which was a Cat 992G. Finning Bristol identified the cause of failure which if left untouched could have resulted in an engine failure. Our thanks go out to the team, they have acted on our requests and have been pro-active in a friendly & professional manner"

Richard Howe, Condition Monitoring Engineer, Babcock International Group

"At Power Electrics Generators Ltd we find the Finning Fluid Analysis Lab offers a very fast and efficient service, we receive the reports in an easy to understand and very useable format which we can show to our customers to back up our reports and findings with their equipment. The format of the reports has been well thought out, and laid out in a logical manner. When we have asked for clarification on any report we find the staff at the laboratory are always very willing to help and enhance the report if required."

Keith Manning, Service Contract Sales Manager, Power Electrics Generators Ltd

"The Finning Fluid Analysis Lab identified a problem with the centre differential on a Caterpillar 735 articulated dump truck. Picking up on the problem prior to failure enabled Harsco to plan the outage making sure that we had sufficient resource in place to protect the service to our customer. It saved downtime by allowing us to plan for the repair including organising transport and some parts as well as workshop time prior to the parts being removed. The removal was simplified by the machine being at our workshop cleaned off with all the resources in place including lifting equipment rather than being done in the field with no pre-planning. Carrying out the repair prior to failure will also have saved many components, which as well as reducing the cost of the repair will have saved time."

Stuart Whitbread, Asset Manager, Harsco Metals Group Ltd

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